A S’up Cuz On Your Nose Moment

On Your Nose, Cleveland Cavaliers.

On May 12th, Nike released the Air Jordan IV - Cavaliers edition.  At first glance these retro sneaks seem to cater to New York Knicks enthusiasts, due to the prominent use of orange and blue.  

But in fact, it represents the colour ways of the Cleveland Cavaliers circa 1989; celebrating Michael Jordan’s game-winning buzzer beater (aka. The Shot) over the out-reached hand of Craig Elho in the first round of the 1989 Eastern Conference Playoffs.  The Shot not only won the game, but advanced the 6th seed Bulls to the next round, sending the 3rd seed Cavs to the golf course for the rest of the summer.

The significance of the Shot is several:

Not only is it one of the most dramatic wins in sports history, but it signified the birth of the Chicago Bulls. The Shot took Jordan and the team to a new level of confidence and competitiveness; advancing them from years of mediocrity to true contenders.  

The Bulls went as far as the Conference Finals that year.  Though considered a Cinderella season, the hunger remained till it delivered them their first championship two seasons later… and five more over the 1990’s.

Though a psychological boost for the Bulls, alternatively the Shot proved to be a mental mashing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Craig Elho, who had the unfortunate task of guarding Jordan most games.

It was the first of many beatings by Jordan and the Bulls over the years.  Though the Cavs maintained a winning record through most of the 1990s, they faced the Bulls three more times in the Playoffs. They were eliminated by Chicago in all three occasions and appropriately spawned a sequel: The Shot II  in The 1993 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  

It’s gotta be the shoes.

On Your Nose Cavaliers.  


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